Skills Review

Lesson:  Correct and adjust color

  1. Start Photohop
  2. Open PS 10-2.psd from the Digital Design folder on the server
  3. Save it as PS_C10_SR_Big Bird (your username)
  4. Make the Bird layer active, then display the Color and Tone workspace
  5. Display the Color Balance adjustment settings
  6. Change the Magenta-Green setting to +62, then return to the adjustment list
  7. Display the Curves adjustment layer
  8. Click the point where the Input and Output both equal 64
  9. Drag the curve up so that the Output equals 128 while the Input remains at 64, then return to the adjustment list
  10. Save your work


Lesson:  Enhance colors by altering saturation

  1. Display the Hue/Saturation settings
  2. Edit the Greens color range
  3. Change the Hue to -70 and the Saturation to -15, then return to the adjustment list
  4. Use the Sponge tool to further saturate the green, light blue, and dark blue areas of the bird
  5. Save your work


Lesson:  Modify color channels using levels

  1. Display the Levels adjustment settings
  2. Modify the Blue channel Input Levels to 95, 1.60, 185
  3. Modify the Red channel Output Levels to 0, 2, 200
  4. Return to the adjustment list and save your work


Lesson:  Create color samplers with the Info panel

  1. Click the Color Sampler tool
  2. Display the Info panel
  3. Create samplers for the following areas:  the light blue feathers, the red wing, the yellow head, and the tan floor
  4. Hide the color samplers
  5. Save your work