Portfolio Project

Each year, your company, OnTarget, has an art contest, and the winning entry is used as the cover of the Annual Report.  OnTarget encourages employees to enter the contest.  You decide to use your Photoshop skills to craft a winning entry.  The OnTarget logo will be added once a winner of the contest has been selected.

  1. Create an image with the dimensions 500 X 650 pixels
  2. Locate several pieces of artwork to use in the design – these can be located on your computer, from scanned images, or on the Internet – remember that the images can show anything, but you want to show the flexibility of Photoshop and the range of your skills
  3. Save this file as PS_C10_PP_Annual Report Cover (your username)
  4. Use any skills you have learned to correct to adjust the colors in this image
  5. Create a color sampler for at least two colors in the image, then hide the samplers
  6. Create one or two type layers for the name of the image (OnTarget Annual Report), then position the layer(s) appropriately in the image – use your choice of font colors
  7. Add any necessary effects to the type layer(s)
  8. Apply any filters you feel add to the image
  9. Apply sampled colors within the image
  10. Save the image