Project Builder 2

A new, unnamed e-commerce company has hired you to create an advertisement for their upcoming debut.  While they are leaving the design to you, the only type they want in the imagery is “Find your inner self.”  They want this ad to be a teaser; more descriptive type will be added in the future.  This is a cutting-edge company, and they want something really striking.


  1. Open PS 10-4.psd from the Digital Design folder on the server
  2. Save it as PS_C10_PB2_Heads Up (your username)
  3. Make the Backdrop layer active
  4. Use the Levels settings to modify the Input Levels of the RGB color settings
  5. Make the Head layer active
  6. Use the Hue/Saturation settings to modify the Head layer
  7. Create a color sampler for the color of the head, then hide the sampler
  8. Create a type layer for the image, then position it appropriately
  9. Apply the color Yellow to the type layer thumbnail
  10. Apply any styles to the type you feel are appropriate
  11. Apply any filter you feel adds to the image
  12. Save your work