Project Builder 1

The Artworks Gallery has commissioned you to create a promotional poster for an upcoming art show called Moods and Metaphors, which will be held during September of this year.  The only guidance they have provided is that they want a piece that looks moody and evocative.  You have already created a basic design, and you want to use color adjustments to heighten the mood.


  1. Open PS 10-3.psd from the Digital Design folder on the server
  2. Save it as PS_C10_PB1_Gallery Poster (your username)
  3. Make the Backdrop layer active
  4. Display the Curves settings and adjust your settings as follows:  RGB; Output – 65; Input – 80
  5. Make the Shadow Man layer active
  6. Display the Hue/Saturation settings and change the Saturation setting to +60
  7. Create two color samplers; one using the color of the man’s tie, and the other using the yellow under the spotlight
  8. Create two type layers; one for the date and location of the art show and one for expressive language that encourages people to come to the show, then position them appropriately in the image – use either of the colors in the samplers for the font colors
    For example – you can enter the color sampler RGB values in the Color Picker dialog box to create that color
  9. Hide the samplers
  10. Apply the following colors to the layer thumbnails:  (the line that encourages people to come to the show) – Red; date and location – green
  11. Apply any styles to the type you feel are appropriate
  12. Apply any lighting effect you feel adds to the theme of the show (possibly Flood Light style and/or Spotlight light type)
  13. Save your work