Lesson 3


In this lesson, you’ll use levels to make color adjustments.


Lesson:  Adjust color using the Levels setting

  1. Click the Small Macaw 2 layer on the Layers panel to make it active, then make the layer visible
  2. Click the Indicates layer visibility button on the Small Macaw 1 layer to hide it
  3. Drag the Histogram panel tab out of the dock (to the left of its current location)
  4. Click the Histogram panel list arrow, then click Expanded View
  5. Click the Histogram panel list arrow, then click All Channels View
  6. Click the Histogram panel list arrow, verify that the Show Statistics and Show Channels in Color commands contain check marks, then click RGB in the Channels list arrow
  7. Click the Small Macaw 2 layer, click the Source list arrow on the Histogram panel, then click Selected Layer

Click Image on the Application bar, point to Adjustments, then click Levels to open the Levels dialog box – type 40 in the Shadows text box, press TAB, type .90 in the Midtones text box, press TAB, then type 200 in the Highlights text box

  1. Click OK, reset the Color and Tone workspace
  2. Save your work

Summary:  You modified levels for shadows, midtones, and highlights.  You were also able to see how these changes were visible on the Histogram panel.