Lesson 1


In this lesson, you'll modify settings for color balance and curves to make dull colors look more vivid.


Lesson:  Modify Color Balance Settings

  1. Start Photoshop, open PS 10-1.psd from the Digital Design folder on the server
  2. Update the text layers if necessary
  3. Save the file as PS_C10_L1_Scarlet Macaws (your username)
  4. Click the Default Foreground and Background Colors button on the Tools panel
  5. Display the Color and Tone workspace
    [Tip:  Some workspaces, such as Color and Tone, have thte option of displaying additional information - you can display this additional information by clicking the list arrow in the top panel, then clicking Expanded View - use the display that best meets your needs
  6. Click the Large Macaw layer o the Adjustments panel
  7. Click the Color Balance button on the Adjustments panel
  8. Drag the sliders so that the Midtones settings in the Color Levels text boxes are 60 for Cyan/Red, -40 for Magenta/Green, and -50 for Yellow/Blue, verify that the Preserve Luminosity check box is selected, then click the Return to adjustment list button

Summary:  You modified the color balance settings by using the sliders.  As you drag the sliders, you can see changes in the image on the active layer.


Lesson:  Modify Curves

  1. Click the Large Macaw layer, then click the Curves button on the Adjustments panel
  2. Click the center of the graph at the point on the line where the input and output values both equal 128
    [Tip:  When you position the pointer over the Curves graph, input and output values display beneath the graph]
  3. Drag the point down so that the input value equals 128 and the output value equals 104
    [Tip:  This is not exact science - don't worry if you can't get the input and output values to be exactly as stated in the steps]
    Did you notice that the image's colors change as you drag the line?
    If you use the Curves dialog box, you can see the changes if the preview check box is checked
  4. Click the point where the curve intersects the right vertical gridline (inpur value approximately 191, and output value equals approximately 178)
    [Tip:  The point that you click in the Curves dialog box is called the active setting]
  5. Drag the active setting up as needed until the input and output values both equal 191
    [Tip:  After you select the active setting, you can also change its location by changing the values in the Input and Output boxes]
  6. Click the Return to adjustment list button
  7. Save your work

Summary:  You modified curves settings by using Curves on the Adjustments panel.