Design Project

A friend of yours is a textile artist; she creates artwork that is turned into materials for clothing, curtains, and bedding.  She has turned to you because of your Photoshop expertise and wants your advice on how she can jazz up her current project.  You love the design, but think the colors need correction so they’ll look more dynamic.  Before you proceed, you decide to explore the Internet to find information on how Photoshop color correction techniques can be used to create an effective design.

  1. Connect to the Internet, and use your browser to find information about adjusting colors in Photoshop – bookmark the site you find so you can use it later for future reference
  2. Read about color correction and take notes on any information that will help you incorporate new ideas into the image
  3. Open PS 10-5.psd, then save the file as PS_C10_DP_Puzzle Pieces (your username)
  4. Use the skills you have learned to correct or adjust one or more of the colors in this image
  5. Create two color samplers from colors used in the image
  6. Apply any filter you feel enhances the image
  7. Save your work