Project Builder 2

You run a small graphics business out of your home.  A friend comes to you with an old photo of her grandmother.  She wants to put it in a 3 ½” x 5” frame.  She tells you that she wants to create a soft oval effect for the photo.


Sample Solution

  1. Open ID 8-4.indd from the server folder
  2. Save it as ID_C8_PB2_Vignette (your username) to your server folder
  3. Click the Selection tool, select the frame, then fill it with the Tan swatch [1 pt.]
  4. With the frame still selected, click the Ellipse tool, position the pointer over the center point of the selected frame, press and hold [ALT], then click [1 pt.]
  5. Type 3 in the Width text box, type 4.5 in the Height text box, then click OK [1 pt.]
  6. Verify that the ellipse you just created has no fill or stroke
  7. Click [fx] (on the Effects panel), then click Basic Feather [1 pt.]
  8. Click the Basic Feather check box, type .75 in the Feather Width text box, then click OK [1 pt.]
  9. Place the file named Portrait.psd (from the server folder) [1 pt.]
  10. Click the Direct Selection  tool, then center the woman’s face in the oval [1 pt.]
  11. Click View (on the Application bar), click Hide Frame Edges, deselect all, then compare your work to the Sample Solution
  12. Save your work
  13. Create a PDF file
  14. Close Vignette
  15. Post the files to the Hulk server


Extra Credit:

Using the extra credit file(s) from the C8_PB2 assignment, create a soft oval frame for each photo.