Project Builder 1

For your dad’s birthday, you’ve decided to give him a framed photo of his mother—an old photo from when she was young.  You scan in the old photo, retouch it to remove the damage as a result of it being placed in a drawer for years, then save it as a grayscale image.  You import it into InDesign, then decide that it looks too stark in black and white.  Rather than go back to Photoshop, you choose to colorize it in InDesign.

[3 points]

Sample Solution

  1. Open ID 8-3.indd from the server folder
  2. Save it as ID_C8_PB1_Colorize (your username) to your server folder
  3. Click the Selection tool, select the graphics frame, then click Orange (on the Swatches panel) [1 pt.]
  4. Click the Direct Selection tool, click the graphic again, then click Brown (on the Swatches panel) [1 pt.]
  5. Click the Selection tool, then click the graphic again
  6. Click the Tint list arrow (on the Swatches panel), then drag the Tint slider to 15% [1 pt.]
  7. Deselect, then save your work
  8. Create a PDF file
  9. Close Colorize

Extra Credit:

Using old black and white photo(s) from home, scan in the old photo(s), retouch it/them to remove any damage, then save it/them as a grayscale image.  Import it/them into InDesign, then colorize it/them in InDesign.