Design Project

Your client has opened a coffee shop near your home office.  She doesn’t have a big budget for purchasing artwork, so she’s asked you to create some digital art to hang on her walls.  She gives you an old photo and tells you she wants you to use it to create “something old and modern at the same time.”

[5 points]

Sample Solution

  1. Open ID 8-5.indd from the server folder
  2. Save it as ID_C8_PB2_Granny Warhol (your username) to your server folder
  3. Make the Photos layer visible, then select the top-left graphics frame using the Selection tool
  4. Change the blending mode to Multiply [1 pt.]
  5. Select the top-right graphics frame, then change the blending mode to Screen [1 pt.]
  6. Select the bottom-left graphics frame, then change the blending mode to Hard Light [1 pt.]
  7. Select the bottom-right graphics frame, drag the Opacity slider to 30%, then deselect all [1 pt.]
  8. Press and hold [ALT], then click the Background layer (on the Layers panel) to select the four colored squares behind the photos
  9. Verify that the center reference point (on the Transform panel) is selected
  10. Double-click the Rotate tool, type ‘90’ in the Angle text box, then click OK [1 pt.]
  11. Save your work
  12. Deselect all
  13. Create a PDF file
  14. Close Granny Warhol
  15. Post the files to the Hulk server


Extra Credit:

Using one of your old photos from C8_PB1, create a ‘Granny Warhol’ effect