Project Builder 2

You are designing an advertisement for a travel magazine.  The ad will promote tourism for a small island in the Caribbean named Lagoon Key.  Unfortunately, the company you are working with doesn’t have a huge budget.  They’ve sent you only one photo.  You decide to combine the photo with type to create a more complex design.

[7 points]

Sample Solution

  1. Open ID 7-5.indd from the server folder
  2. Save as ID_C7_PB2_Lagoon (your username) to your server folder
  3. Click the Selection tool, click the text, click Type (on the Application bar), then click Create Outlines
  4. Click File (on the Application bar), click Place, then place the Color Lagoon.psd file [1 pt.]
  5. Click Object (on the Application bar), point to Fitting, then click Fit Content to Frame [1 pt.]
  6. Change the fill color to None, click View (on the Application bar), then click Hide Frame Edges [1 pt.]
  7. Click Object (on the Application bar), point to Effects, then click Drop Shadow [1 pt.]
  8. Click the Set Shadow Color box, click Green in the Effect Color dialog box, click OK, then click OK to close the Effects dialog box [1 pt.]
  9. Apply a 1.5 pt. black stroke to the text outlines, then deselect all [1 pt.]
  10. Save your work
  11. Create a PDF file [1 pt.]
  12. Close Lagoon
  13. Post the files to the Hulk server