Design Project

You have been contracted to design an ad for Bull’s Eye Barbeque.  They supply you with their logo.  You decide to position their name on a circle that surrounds the logo.

[6 points]

Sample Solution

  1. Open ID 7-6.indd from the server folder
  2. Save it as ID_C7_DP_Bulls Eye (your username) to your server folder
  3. Click the Selection tool, then click the black stroked circle that surrounds the logo
  4. Click the Type on a Path tool, position the pointer over the selection until a plus sign appears beside the pointer
  5. Click the path at approximately the 10 o’clock point
  6. Type ‘BULL’S EYE BARBEQUE,’ select the text, change the font to Garamond (or a similar font), then change the type size to 62 pt. [4 pts.]
    [Depending on the font you chose, you many need to resize the text so it fits]
  7. Click the Selection tool, change the stroke color to None, then save your work [1 pt.]
  8. Deselect all
  9. Save your work
  10. Create a PDF file [1 pt.]
  11. Close Bull’s Eye
  12. Post the files to the Hulk server