Skills Review


Create a graph

  1. Open, then save it as ILL_C9_SR_Nice Weather (your username)
  2. Click the Column graph tool, then click the artboard
  3. Type 6 in the Width text box, type 4 in the Height text box, then click OK
  4. Delete the number 1.00 from the 1st cell in the Graph Data window
  5. Press Tab to select the next cell in the 1st row
  6. Type Rain, press Tab, type Sun, press Tab, type Clouds, then press Tab
  7. Click the 2nd cell in the 1st column, type June, press Enter, type July, press Enter, type August, press Enter
  8. Enter the rest of the data that is supplied in the upper-left corner of the artboard to fill in the cells underneath Rain, sun, and Clouds
  9. Close the Graph Data window, save your changes to it
  10. Move the graph onto the artboard if it is not fully on it

Edit a graph using the Graph Data window