Skills Review

L1 - Use the Transparency Panel and the Color Picker

  1. Open, save it as ILL_C8_SR_Channel Z_(your username)
  2. Double-click the Fill button (on the Tools panel) to pen the Color PIcker, create a color using the following values:
    hue=59, saturation=34, brightness=74
    then drag the new color to the Swatches panel
  3. Select the square on the artboard, show the Gradient panel if necessary, click the black color stop on the gradient slides, press ALT then click the new color swatch
  4. Change the opacity of the square to 60%
  5. Save your work

L2 - Apply Effects to Objects

  1. On the Appearance panel, duplicate the fill item
  2. Click the new Fill layer again to activate it, click Effect (on the Menu bar), point to Texture, click Grain, click the Grain Type list arrow, then click Regular
  3. Type 70 for the Intensity and 60 for the Contrast, then click OK
  4. Click the underlined Stroke item (on the Appearance panel), then change its weight to 1 pt and its color to orange (use any Orange swatch)
  5. Click Effect (on the Menu bar), point to Path, click Offset Path, type .1 in the Offset text box, then click OK
  6. Save your work

L3 - Use the Appearance Panel

  1. Click the top Fill layer (on the Appearance panel)
  2. Click Effect (on the Menu bar), point to the first Stylize command, click Round Corners, type .5 in the Radius text box, then click OK
  3. On the Transparency panel, change the blending mode to Multiply
  4. Select the bottom Fill layer, then apply the Grain effect using the same settings that you previously used
  5. Expand hte top Fill item if necessary, click the word Grain to open the Grain dialog box, then change the Intensity to 100
  6. Duplicate the top Fill item, then change the Color attribute of the middle Fill item to the original Orange and Black gradient on the Swatches panel
  7. On the top Fill item, drag the fx icon next to the Round Corners item to the trashcan icon on the bottom of the Appearance panel to remove the effect from the top item
  8. Collapse the three Fill items on the Appearance panel
  9. Save your work

L4 - Work with Graphic Styles

  1. Show the Graphic Styles panel
  2. Drag the Path thumbnail from the Appearance panel to the Graphic Styles panel
  3. Name the new graphic style Noise
  4. Cut the artwork from the artboard
  5. Click Object (on the Menu bar), click Show All, then change the fill on the text to None
  6. Verify tha tOverride Character Color is checked on the Graphic Styles panel menu
  7. Apply the Noise style to the text
  8. Expand the Stroke item (on the Appearance panel), then change its color to Black and its weight to 1.5 pt
  9. Double-click the Offset Path item, then change the offset to .15
  10. Delete the Round Corners effect from the middle Fill item
  11. Update the Noise graphic style with the new attributes by pressing ALT as you drag the thumbnail (on the Appearance panel) on top of the Noise style on the Graphic Styles panel
  12. Save your work; post to the class Google drive

L5 - Recolor Artwork

  1. Open, save as ILL_C8_SR_Jaguar_(your username)
  2. Double-click the orange nose to see the orange group in Isolation Mode
  3. Click the Exit Isolated Group button (on the Control panel)
  4. Click the Eyedropper tool, sample the Orange color from the nose, then click the Set base color to the current color button (on the Color Guide panel)
  5. Select all, then click the Edit or Apply Colors button (on the Color Guide panel)
  6. Click the Assign button to open the Recolor Artwork dialog box
  7. Click the Harmony Rules list arrow, then choose the Pentagram harmony rule from the list
  8. Click and drag the red color box in the New columnup and release it on top of the color box at the top of the column
  9. Double-click the green color box in the New column, type 237, 184, 107 in the R, G, and B text boxes respectively, then click OK
  10. Click the navy blue color box in the New column one time to select it, then drag the hue slider at the bottom of the dialog box to 133
  11. Click OK, deselect, save your work, post to the class Google drive