Project Builder 2

You are a designer and have just finished a color illustration for a client who calls to tell you that the project is being changed.  Because of budgetary constraints, it's going to be reduced from a 4-color to a 2-color job.  The client tells you to use black ink plus any red PANTONE color that you think will work best.

  1. Open AI, save it as ILL_C8_PB2_2 Color Jaguar_(your username)
  2. Select all, click the edit or Apply colors button (on the Color Guide panel), then click the Assign button
  3. Click the Harmony Rules list arrow, then choose the Pentagram harmony rule from the list
  4. Click and drag the 5th color in the Current Colors list, which is red, on top of the 1st color in the list
  5. Click and drag the remaining 3 colors up to the top of the list (don't move the black and white colors)
  6. Click the Limits the color group to colors in a swatch library button, point to Color Books, then click PANTONE + solid coated
  7. Double-click the color box in the New column to the right of the 5 combined colors, click PANTONE 200 C, then click OK
  8. Click OK to close the Recolor Artwork dialog box, save your work, then post it to the class Google drive