Design Project

Burr Marina contacts your design firm for a consultation.  They ask you to update their logo, which they've been using for a number of years.  They tell you that the logo can't really change because the look is already established.  You tell them that you can add some texture to provide some visual interest without dramatically changing the logo.

  1. Open, save it as ILL_C8_DP_Burr Marina (your username)
  2. Open the Transparency and Layers panels
  3. Click the Selection tool, click the royal blue shape, then copy it
  4. On the Layers panel, make the Swirls layer visible, then click the layer to target it
  5. Click the target on the Swirls layer to select the artwork on that layer
  6. On the Transparency panel, click the panel options button, then click Make Opacity Mask
  7. Click the opacity mask so that a black border appears around the mask
  8. Paste in place, then note that the object remains selected
  9. Click the white to black linear gradient switch on the Swatches panel
  10. Click the artwork thumbnail, click the Blending Mode list arrow on the Transparency panel, thten click Multiply
  11. Save your work; post to the class Google drive