Portfolio Project

You own a small design firm in the Caribbean, and you have just been contracted to do a major project for the island of Bellucia, a new nation in the West Indies.  Having recently gained independence, Bellucia wants you to consult with their new government on the design of their flag.  After the first meeting, you begin working on a composite illustration.  Your only direction from the government group is that the flag must be composed of abstract shapes, with no elements such as words, stars, and symbols.

  1. Create a new 6" x 6" CMYK color document, then save it as ILL_C7_PP_Bellucia Flag
  2. Search the Internet and collect pictures of as many flags from Caribbean nations as you can find
  3. Experiment with different width-to-height ratios in determining the shape of the banner
  4. Garner fabric samples from local merchants and textile designers
  5. Sketch a design, then recreate the design in Illustrator with an envelope distort so that the flag appears to be waving
  6. Save your work to the class Google drive