Project Builder 2

Miltie Berger, a famous journalist from Los Angeles, commissions your design firm to create a logo for her new column, which will be title "Poison Pen." She explains that it will be a gossip column that will "skewer" all the big names in Hollywood.

  1. Open AI, then save it as ILL_C7_PB1_Poison Pen_(your username)
  2. Double-click the Blend tool, set the number of specified steps to 40, then click anywhere on the two white objects on the right side of the artboard to blend them (Hint:  They do not need to be selected first)
  3. Deselect, then click the Direct Selection tool
  4. Select only the bottom object of the blend, then change its fill color to Black and its stroke color to White (Hint:  Refer to this new object as the "feather" blend)
  5. Click the Selection tool, select the very narrow white curved stroke at the center of the artboard, copy it, paste it in front, then hide the copy
  6. Selct the white stroke again, click Object on the Menu bar, point to Path, then click Outline Stroke
  7. Deselect alll, double-click the Blend tool, change the number of steps to 256, then blend the white outlined stroke with the pointy black quill shape that is behind it
  8. Lock the new blend, then show all - the hidden white stroke appears and is selected
  9. Click the Selection tool, press and hold Shift, then click the "feather" blend to add it to the selection
  10. Click Object on the Menu bar, point to Blend, then click Replace Spine
  11. Save your work, post to the class Google drive