Project Builder 1

Sample Solution

The owner of Tidal Wave Publishing hires your design firm to redesign their logo.  She shows you her original logo, which is a meticulous drawing of a wave.  She explains that the line drawing has been their logo for more than 25 years, and she feels that it's time for something "more contemporary."  She cautions you that she doesn't want anything that feels "too artificial" or looks like "cookie-cutter computer graphics."

  • Create a new 6" x 6" document
  • Save it as ILL_C7_PB1_Tidal Wave (your username) to your server folder
  • Create an ellipse that is 2.5" wide and 2.25" tall, then fill it with any color and no stroke
  • Apply the Add Anchor Points command three times
  • Apply the Pucker 8 Bloat effect at -80%
  • Apply the Twist effect at 200°
  • Deselect
  • Save your work
  • Compare it to the Sample Solution for one possible solution
  • Save as a PDF
  • Post the PDF to the Hulk server
  • Close the Tidal Wave document