Design Project

You create graphics for a video game company.  Your assignment for the morning is to create an illustration for a stell cup that will be used to store magical objects in a game.

  1. Open AI, then save it as ILL_C7_DP_Steel Cup_(your username)
  2. Select the gray object, then apply the Cteate Gradient mesh command using 7 rows and 3 columns
  3. Deselect, then click the edge of the mesh object with the Direct Selection tool
  4. Press and hold [Shift], then select the four mesh points (on a vertical line in the center of the cup)
  5. Click the Color panel options button, then click Grayscale (if necessary)
  6. Make sure the Fill button is active (on the Tools panel), then drag the K slider on the Color panel to 15% to lighten the selected mesh points
  7. Select the top right mesh patch and darken it, using the Color panel
  8. Select the mesh points along the left edge and the bottom edge of the "steel cup," then click Black
  9. Lock the gradient mesh object
  10. Click the edge of the black object with the Direct Selection tool, then select the five horizontal mesh points in the second row from the top
  11. Fill the mesh points with white
  12. Deselect, then unlock all
  13. Save your work to the class Google drive