Portfolio Project

In a previous chapter, you created a page for your portfolio website that contained thumbnail pictures of work samples.  Another way to highlight your work might be to create a slide show which would display a different sample each time the visitor clicks a button.  Such a strategy could motivate the visitor to look at more samples, and would allow you to display a larger area of the sample without forcing the visitor to follow a link.

Sample Solution

  1. Open portfolio8.fla, then save it as FL_C9_PP_portfolio9 (your username) to your Flash C9 folder in your server folder
  2. Create a series of screen shots with at least four samples of your work, or use the screen shots you created for the Portfolio Project at the end of Chapter 7
  3. Create a new page with the title 'Samples of My Web Work'
  4. Create a new movie clip symbol that includes a series of screens each with a sample of your work and some explanatory text--each sample and associated text should appear in a separate frame
  5. Add stop actions to each frame in the movie clip symbol
  6. Return to the main Timeline and add the movie clip symbol in the center of the Sample of My Web Work page--use the Properties panel to name the instance of the movie clip symbol 'samples'
  7. Add a button with the text 'Next slide' on the Samples of My Web Work page, then program the Over and Down states for the button in any way you'd like
  8. Attach ActionScript to the button which, upon a click, will advance the samples movie clip one frame
  9. Create navigation from your current samples page to the main portfolio page, then back to the samples page from the mian portfolio page--use ActionScript and frame labels to create the navigation
  10. Save your work; compare your movie to the Sample Solution
  11. Publish the movie
  12. Post your work to the Hulk server