Project Builder 2

Sample Solution

You work in the multimedia department of a university.  A professor asks you to build an interactive study guide in Flash that incoludes a series of test questions.  The professor would like to see a prototype of a multiple choice style test question with two choices, similar to the following:

What is the periodic symbol of oxygen?

1.  Ox
2.  O

The professor would like you to build in feedback telling students whether the answer they supply is correct or incorrect.
(In this case, the correct answer is choice 2, "O".)

  1. Create a new Flash ActionScript 2.0 document, then save it as FL_C9_PB2_test_question9 (your username) to your C9 Flash folder on your server folder
  2. Set the Flash Publish Settings to Flash Player 6
  3. Set the movie properties, including the size and background color
  4. Use the Text tool on the Tools panel to create a multiple-choice-style question of your own, or use the example given in this Project Builder--the question should have two choices
  5. Create an input text field in which a student can type an answer
  6. Create a text label for the field that reads 'Your answer:  '
  7. Create a Submit button near the input field
  8. Create two feedback screens
    - One screen should indicate an answer is correct
    - The other that an answer is incorrect
  9. Attach ActionScript to the Submit button which, upon a click of the button, uses if actions to compare the number the student typed in the input text field with the correct answer, then sendds the student to the appropriate "correct" or "incorrect" screen
  10. Create a Start Again button that uses ActionScript to return the student to the original question and also sets the input text field to blank
    [Hint:  You can set the input text field to blank by assigning '' to the variable--the quotation marks with nothing gbetween them clears the input text field]
  11. Create a Next Question button for the Great Job! screen that displays a blank screen with a heading "Placeholder for next question"--set the input field to blank when this button is clicked
  12. Save your work; compare your work to the Sample Solution
  13. Publish the movie
  14. Post the movie to the Hulk server