Project Builder 2

You have been asked to create a short interactive movie on ocean life for the local elementary school, which is planning a visit to an oceanographic institute. This project should be colorful, interactive, and full of images that appeal to 7-12-year-old students. 

The opening page of the site should show some images of sea creatures which, when clicked, lead to more information. You must include at least three clickable objects on this opening page.


Sample Solution


  1. Obtain some images of fish, coral, and other ocean creatures from resources on your computer or the Internet, or from scanned media
  2. Create a new Flash document, then save it as FL_C8_PB2 (your username) in your server folder
  3. Set the document properties, including the size and background color
  4. Create animated movie clips for a least three ocean creatures—use different types of animation for these movie clips
    For example, you might use motion tweening to move, resize, or rotate objects, or fade then in or out
  5. Create buttons for the ocean creature images using your animated movies in the Up state and also designating a Hit state
    [Hint:  Be creative about the appearance of the buttons—use different shapes and sizes, or try cropping and making the images themselves clickable]
  6. Place the three buttons on the Stage
  7. Add some explanatory text
  8. Publish your movie
  9. Save your work
  10. Post your movie to the Hulk server