Project Builder 1

Ultimate Tours has decided it wants to add animation to the opening page of its “Summer in December” website, which is promoting a series of tours to Florida, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.  The management would like the animation to draw attention to the company name and to the navigation button (which in this case is the sun graphic), so visitors will click to find out more information about specific tours.  Though the site is still at an early stage, they would like to see some prototypes of potential animations.  The company would like a new look that differs from the prototype developed in Chapter 7 (ultimatetours7.fla).

Sample Solution

  1. Start a new Flash document and save it as FL_C8_PB1_ultimatetours8 (your username) to your server folder
  2. On paper, plan how you might add animations to this page that will fulfill the criteria Ultimate Tours has established
  3. Build the animation you have planned for emphasizing the company name
    For example, you might convert the text of the company name (“Ultimate Tours”) to a graphic symbol, then create a movie clip symbol in which the text dissolves and reappears, changes color, rotates, or moves across the screen
  4. Build the animation you have planned that will encourage visitors to click the continue button
    For example, you might create an animation of a yellow ball representing the sun rolling out from the heading.  Then, you could create a direction line telling visitors to click the sun to continue
    [Note:  For this project, the button does not have to be active]
  5. Save your work
  6. Publish the movie
  7. Post the movie to the Hulk server