Lesson 2

Create an Animated Graphic Symbol


In this lesson, you will convert an animation on the Timeline into an animated graphic symbol.

Lesson:  Delete objects from the Timeline

  1. Fl8_2.fla, then save it as animated_trees
  2. Verify the Library panel is open, drag the border at the top of the timeline up to display the trunk and all eleven leaf layer, then set the view to Fit in Window
  3. Play the movie—the leaves animate on 11 separate layers
  4. Click the trunk layer to select it, press [Shift], click leaf eleven layer, then release [Shift]—the trunk layer, all numbered leaf layers, and all frames in each layer on the Timeline are selected
    [TIP:  You can press and hold Ctrl, then click one or more layer names to select all frames in each layer you click]
  5. Click Edit on the menu bar, point to Timeline, then click Cut Frames—the tree is no longer visible on the Stage—notice that you cut the frames but not the layers from the main Timeline

Summary:  You selected  and  then cut the frames on the layers on the Timeline that made up the tree

Lesson:  Move frames to create an animated graphic symbol

  1. Click Insert on the menu bar, then click New Symbol
  2. Type animated tree in the Name text box, verify Graphic is selected as the type, then click OK--you are now in the edit window for the animated tree graphic symbol
  3. Click frame 1 on Layer 1, click Edit on the menu bar, point to Timeline, then click Paste Frames—the tree trunk and leaves appear on the Stage
  4. Click frame 1 on the trees layer, then drag another instance of the animated tree graphic symbol from the Library panel to the right side of the Stage
  5. Click the Free Transform tool on the Tools panel, click the Scale option button in the Options area of the Tools panel, click a corner sizing handle on the tree, then drag to resize the tree to the tree so it is smaller
  6. Play the movie and watch the leaves animate on the Stage
  7. Save your work, then close the movie

Summary:  You created two instances of animated graphic symbol on the Stage.