Skills Review

Lesson:  Import graphics

  1. Create a new Flash document with a size of 550 x 400 pixels and a white background color, the view set to Fit in Window, the frame rate to 12 fps, then save it to your server folder as skillsdemo7
  2. Make sure the Library panel is open
  3. Import the logo.png file from the Digital Design folder on the server to the library with the following settings:
    Import:  Page 1
    Into:  Current frame as movie clip
    Objects:  Keep all paths editable
    Text:  Keep all text editable
  4. Import dayMoon.jpg to the library
  5. Import mountain.jpg to the library
  6. Import nightsky.jpg to the library
  7. Save your work

Lesson:  Break apart bitmaps and use bitmap fills

  1. Rename Layer 1 nightsky
  2. Select frame 1 on the nightsky layer, drag the nightsky graphic to the Stage and break it apart
  3. Click the nightsky graphic with the Eyedropper tool, then delete the nightsky graphic from the Stage
  4. Use the Rectangle tool to create a rectangle (with nightsky for the fill and no stroke color) that spans the width of the Stage and covers the top half of the Stage
  5. Insert a new layer, name it logo, select frame 1 on the logo layer, and drag the logo graphic symbol to the upper-left corner of the Stage
  6. Create a new layer named mountain, select frame 1 on the mountain layer, and drag the mountain symbol to the bottom-center of the Stage
  7. Use the Properties panel to change the width of the mountain so that it is as wide as the Stage, 550 pixels, then move the mountain graphic so it is flush with the bottom and sides of the Stage
  8. Lock the nightsky and logo layers
  9. Save your work

Lesson:  Trace bitmap graphics

  1. Trace the mountain graphic, using settings of 100 for Color threshold, 10 for Minimum area, and Normal for Curve fit and Corner threshold
  2. Deselect the graphic
  3. Verify the Fill color on the Tools panel displays the nightsky and the Stroke color is set to none
  4. Use the Paint Bucket tool to change the blue sky, in the background of the mountain, to stars
  5. Lock the mountain layer
  6. Save your work

Lesson:  Create an animated pattern

  1. Insert a new layer at the top of the Timeline and name it moons
  2. Add a keyframe to frame 30 of each layer except the moons layer
  3. Select frame 1 of the moons layer
  4. Drag the dayMoon graphic to the Stage and break it apart
  5. Click the Lasso tool on the Tools panel, click the Magic Wand Settings button in the Options area of the Tools panel, set the Threshold to 10 and the Smoothing to Pixels
  6. Use the Magic Wand to select the blue background, then delete the background
  7. Use the Selection tool to select the dayMoon and convert it to a graphic symbol with the name g_dayMoon
  8. Delete the graphic from the Stage
  9. Select the Deco tool, set the Drawing Effect to Symmetry Brush, then change the graphic for the Module to the g_dayMoon graphic symbol
  10. Click just above the vertical handle to display the moons
  11. Use the Selection tool to click one of the moons to select all of them, then convert them to a graphic symbol with the name g_circle-of-moons
  12. With the graphic selected, insert a motion tween and extend the tween span in the Timeline to frame 30
  13. Use the properties panel to set the rotation to 3 times
  14. Drag the moons layer to below the mountain layer
  15. Test the movie, then close the Flash Player window
  16. Save your work
  17. Exit Flash