Portfolio Project

To showcase your broad range of skills, you want to add some web-related work to your portfolio.  This will allow you to improve upon and continue to use websites and artwork you created previously.  You will need to take screen captures of the websites you have built and convert the graphics into JPEGs using a graphics editor.  Try to create at least four samples of your work. [14 points]

Sample Solution

  1. Open a new Flash document
  2. Save it as FL_C7_portfolio7 (your username)
  3. Add a heading and colors as desired [1 pt.]
  4. Import from the your folder on the server to the Library at least four samples of your work; the samples might be in a variety of file formats
  5. Place the samples on the Stage [8 pts.]
  6. Resize the graphics so you can fit all four of them on the Stage at one time [1 pt.]
  7. Add a sentence below or next to each graphic describing the graphic [4 pts.]
  8. Publish the file
  9. Save your work
  10. Post the file to the Hulk server