Project Builder 2

You have been asked to create several sample designs for the home page of a new student art, poetry, and fiction anthology website called AnthoArt.  This website will showcase artwork that includes painting, woodcuts, and photography, as well as writing (including poetry and fiction).

Sample Solution

  1. Open a new movie
  2. Save it as FL_C7_PB2_anthoart7 (your username)
  3. Set the movie properties, including the size and background color
  4. Import the following JPG files from the Digital Design folder on the server
    gantho1.jpg through gantho5.jpg
  5. Using a combination of tracing and breaking apart graphics, create a collage on the Stage from at least four graphics
  6. Create the title AnthoArt, using a bitmap fill for some or all of the letters
  7. Create an Enter button, using one of the graphics as a bitmap fill
  8. Publish your movie
  9. Save your work
  10. Post the Chapter 7 folder to the Hulk server