Project Builder 1

Ultimate Tours is rolling out a new "Summer in December" promotion in the coming months and wants a Flash website to showcase a series of tours to Florida, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.  The website should use bright, "tropical" colors and have a family appeal.  Though you will eventually animate this site, Ultimate Tours would first like to see still pictures of what you are planning to do. [14 points]

Sample Solution

  1. Open a new Flash document
  2. Save it as FL_C7_PB1_ultimatetours7 (your username)
  3. Set the movie properties, including the size and background color [2 pts.]
  4. Create the following text elements on separate layers:
    1. A primary headline Ultimate Tours Presents . . . with an appropriate font and treatment [1 pt.]
    2. A subheading Our new "Summer in December" Tour Packages! in a smaller font size [1 pt.]
  5. Import the following JPG files from the Digital Design server folder to the Library panel: [1 pt.]
    gtravel1.jpg through gtravel6.jpg
  6. Move three of the graphics to the Stage, each on its own layer, to create an appealing vacation collage, arranging and resizing the graphics as appropriate [3 pts.]
    [Hint:  Some of the sample files have a white background--if you want to include one of these graphics and your Stage has a different background color, try breaking the graphic apart, then using the Magic Wand tool to erase the background of the graphic]
  7. Trace one of the graphics on the Stage to create an artistic effect and reduce file size, then delete the traced graphic from the Library panel [2 pts.]
  8. Create three round or square objects that will eventually become buttons--use a graphic from the Library panel as a bitmap fill for each object--resize or skew the bitmap fill as appropriate [3 pts.]
  9. Apply a bitmap fill to some or all the letters in the title [1 pt.]
    [Hint:  To add a bitmap fill to text, you must first convert the characters to shapes by breaking apart the text two times]
  10. Lock all the layers
  11. Publish your movie
  12. Save your document
  13. Post the Chapter folder to the Hulk server