Lesson 3

Trace Bitmap Graphics



In this lesson, you will trace a bitmap graphic to create vectors and special effects


Lesson:  Trace a bitmap graphic

  1. Click the Selection tool on the Tools panel, click the moon graphic on the Stage to select it, then press [Delete]
  2. Click frame 1 on the moon layer to select the frame, then drag the moon.jpg graphic from the Library panel to the upper-right corner of the Stage
  3. Verify that the moon is selected, click Modify on the menu bar, point to Bitmap, then click Trace Bitmap
  4. Click the Color threshold text box, type 60, click the Minimum area text box, type 10, then verify the settings for Curve fit and Corner threshold are set to Normal
  5. Click OK, click the Pasteboard to deselect the moon
  6. Click the Zoom tool on the Tools panel, then click the moon to enlarge it

Summary:  You traced a bitmap graphic and zoomed in on it.


Lesson:  Edit a traced bitmap graphic

  1. Click the Selection tool on the Tools panel
  2. Click the Paint Bucket tool on the Tools panel—your Paint Bucket tool may display a lock—this is a modifier that can be used to create the appearance of masks revealing the underlying bitmap—you can toggle the lock off and on using the Lock Fill option at the bottom of the Tools panel—you can complete these steps with the Paint Bucket tool locked or unlocked
  3. Set the Fill color to #B7DEFF, then press [Enter]
  4. Click various parts of the moon graphic with the paint Bucket tool to change the colors to various shades of brown
    [Note:  Click Edit on the menu bar, then click Undo to use the undo command, as needed]
  5. Click the Selection tool on the Tools panel
  6. Click View on the menu bar, point to Magnification, then click Fit in Window
  7. Save your work, then close the document

Summary:  You edited a traced bitmap graphic by changing the color of parts of the bitmap.