Portfolio Project

In the previous chapter you created a slide show for your work samples, which displayed a different sample each time the visitor clicked a buttton.  Now add sound to the slide show.  If you have access to sound-recording software, you can record your own voice-overs that describe the samples being shown.  You can import sound clips or use the sounds found in the Sounds area of the Common Libraries panel.  Alternatively, you can use the sample files provided in this chapter as musical background sounds.

Sample Solution

  1. Open portfolio9.fla from your server folder and save it as FL_C10_PP_portfolio10 (your username) to your server folder
  2. Use sound files from the Common Libraries panel, or import to the Library panel sound files you have acquired or created, such as voice-overs describing your work, or import the following sound files from the data files folder on the server:
  3. OPen the samples movie clip symbol, add a new layer named 'audio', then add a different sound to each frame of the movie clip, except frame 1--you can use either voice-over clips that describe the sample, or the voice introduction and musical backgrounds provided in the sample files and listed in step 2
  4. If you used the sample files, set repetition for each musical background sound to 50, to ensure the music plays continuously for the entire time the visitor views the page
  5. If you are using the musical backgrounds, experiment with adding effects to the sounds, such as fades or shifts between channels
  6. Add a stopAllSounds action to keep the different sounds from overlapping as the visitor clicks the "Next Slide" button
    [Hint:  You should add the action to the button, not the movie clip symbol]
  7. Test the movie
  8. Save your work
  9. Publish the movie
  10. Post the files to the Hulk server