Project Builder 2

You work for a software game company.  Your newest game, "Match the Shapes," will be developed in Flash and marketed to preschoolers.  You are working on a prototype of the game to show upper management.  You have already completed the visual aspects of the prototype; now you must add sound.

Sample Solution

  1. Open fl10_6.fla, then save it to your Flash Chapter 10 server folder
  2. Test the movie to see how the matching game works, then close the Flash Player window
  3. Add a new layer named ambient, then using the Properties panel, add the ambient_audio sound as an event sound--repeat the sound 10 times to ensure it plays the entire time the visitor is viewing the screen--set the Effect (in the Properties panel) to Fade in
  4. Test the movie, click the Start button and notice how the sound continues, then close the Flash Player window
  5. Add a stopAllSounds action that stops the sound from playing when a visitor navigates to the second screen of the site
    [Hint:  You can add the action to the Start button just before the gotoAndPlay code or to the first frame of the second screen on the actions layer]
  6. Create a movie clip symbol that synchronizes the welcome_voiceover sound from the Library panel with the words "Welcome to Match the Shapes"
    You will need to create