Lesson 3

Modify Sounds


In this lesson, you will edit when one sound begins and create a custom sound effect for another sound.

Sample Solution

Lesson:  Edit a Sound using the Time In Control

  1. Open nightclub.fla, then save it as vectors.fla to your Flash C10 server folder
  2. Insert a new layer above the animation layer, then name it voice_intro
  3. Click frame 1 on the voice_intro layer, click the Name list arrow in the SOUND area on the Properties panel, click hello_vo, click the Sync list arrow, then click Stream
  4. Test the movie, then close the Flash Player window
  5. Click the Edit wound envelope button in the Properties panel, click the Effect list arrow, the click  Custom—you will edit the sound file so it plays only the words “Vectors Nightclub”
  6. Click the Frames button in the Edit Envelope dialog  box
  7. Click the Zoom Out button repeatedly until you can see the entire sound with the frames
  8. Click and drag the Time In control to frame 30
  9. Click the Play sound button→ in the Edit Envelope dialog box—only the last two words of the sound, “Vectors Nightclub,” should play—if necessary, adjust the Time In control
  10. Click OK to close the Edit Envelope window, then test the movie
  11. Close the Flash Player window

Summary:  You changed the point at which a sound begins playing.


Lesson:  Edit Envelopes to Create Custom Volume Effects

  1. Click frame 1 on the audiobackground layer
  2. Click the Effect list arrow in the Properties panel, then click Custom
    [Note:  You can also select Custom using the list arrow in the Edit Envelop dialog box]
  3. Click the Zoom Out button until the frames display 5, 10, 15, and 20, drag the envelope handle for the left channel and the envelope handle for the right channel down to the lowest point to decrease the sound in both channels
  4. Click the left channel sound line on frame 20—new envelope handles appear on frame 20 for both the left and right channel envelope sound lines
  5. Drag the new handle on the left channel up to the highest point
  6. Drag the hew handle on the right channel up to its highest point
  7. Click the Play sound button →in the Edit Envelope dialog box—the music fades in gradually in both channels
  8. Click the Stop sound button, click OK in the Edit Envelope dialog box, save your work, then close the movie

Summary:  You established a fade in effect for a sound file by dragging envelope handle to create a custom envelope.