Layer Styles:  Metal (Art & Design in Photoshop - page 236)

  • Begin by choosing Bevel and Emboss from the Layer Styles button at the bottom of the Layers palette - adjust the size of the bevel with the slider to suit the size of your artwork
  • Change the Technique pop-up from Smooth to Chisel Hard - this produces a hard-edged bevel, which will look much more like a metal finish
  • You can begin to bring a metallic feel to the text by changing the Gloss Contour setting - try out the available shapes to see how they look:  click on the thumbnails to change them
  • Click on the Contour checkbox to turn it on and switch to that pane - this applies a shape to the bevel itself - you don't have to use this step if you don't want a shaped bevel
  • Click on the Satin checkbox to turn it on, and switch to its pane - by changing the distance, size and contour we can change the apparent reflections this creates
  • Finally, add a Color Overlay - choose a grayish blue color for steel and silver (more gray than blue) and a strong orange for a gold effect


  • Changing color overlay to orange produces a gold effect
  • Increasing the bevel width removes the flat area from the face
  • Adding texture produces a mottled surface
  • Changing the contour and increasing the bevel width adds interest