Project Builder 2

Sample Solution

Use the Sample Solution to continue your work on the Carolyne's Creations website.

  1. Open the Carolyne's Creations website
  2. Open the index page
  3. Create an AP Div on the page, then place the file 'cc_logo.jpg' (from the Data Files folder on the server) in the AP Div, adding appropriate alternate text
  4. Name the AP Div 'logo'
  5. Adjust the size and position of the AP Div with settings of your choice
  6. Add another AP Div tag that displays the text "Call soon!" and name it call
  7. Set the font color for the new AP Div to the color of your choice and then set the Z indexes for each AP Div to correctly display the text over the logo
  8. Save your work
  9. Preview the page in your browser
  10. Close your browser
  11. Post your work to the HULK server
  12. Close the index page