Portfolio Project

In this project, you will continue to work on the website you have been developing since Chapter 1.

You will continue building your site by designing and completing a page that contains a form to collect visitor information as it relates to the topic of your site.

  1. Review your storyboard.  Choose a page to develop that will use a form to collect information
  2. Choose another page that you already developed on which you will place a jump menu
  3. Plan the content for the new page by making a list of the information that you will collect and the types of form objects you will use to collect that information--plan to include at least one of every type of form object you learned about in the chapter--be sure to specify whether you will organize the form into fieldsets and how you will use a table to structure the form
  4. Create the form and its contents
  5. Run a report that checks for broken links in the site--correct any broken links that appear in the report
  6. Test the form by previewing it in a browser, entering information into it, and resetting it
  7. Check to make sure the information gets to its specified location, whether that is a database or an email address
  8. Preview all the pages in a browser, then test all menus and links--evaluate the pages for both content and layout
  9. Review the Website Checklist--make any modifications necessary to improve the form, the jump menu, or the page containing the form
    Website Checklist:
     - Do all navigation links work?
     - Do all images appear?
     - Are all colors web-safe?
     - Do all form objects align correctly with their labels?
     - Do any extra items appear on the form that need to be removed?
     - Does the order of form fields make sense?
     - Does the most important information appear at the top of the form?
     - Did you test the pages in at least two different browsers?
     - Do your pages look good in at least two different screen resolutions?
  10. Close all open pages
  11. Post the website to the Hulk server