Project Builder 2

Sample Solution

Use the Sample Solution as a guide to continue your work on the Carolyne's Catering website you created in Project Builder 2 in Chapters 1 through 7.  Chef Carolyne asked you to place a simple form on the catering page that will allow customers to fill in and fax lunch orders.

  1. Open the Carolyne's Catering website
  2. Open the catering page
  3. Insert a form called 'orders' in the footer block with POST as the method
  4. Insert a table in the form that contains 8 rows, 2 columns, and your choice of table width, border thickness, cell padding, and cell spacing
  5. Use a top header and specify an appropriate table summary and header
  6. Merge the cells in the top row and type 'Lunch Order'
  7. In the first column of cells, type the following labels under the table header:
    Please select from the following:
    Beverage choice:
    Desired pick-up time:
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Phone number:
  8. In the second cell of the second row, insert a radio group named 'boxes' with the following labels and values:
    Southwest Club Sandwich, sandwich
    Chipotle Chicken Wrap, wrap
    Pecan Chicken Salad, salad
  9. In the second cell in the third row, insert a radio group called 'beverages' with the following labels and values:
    Raspberry tea, tea
    Berry smoothie, smoothie
  10. In the second cell of the fourth row, insert a single line text field named 'time' with a character width and maximum characters of '10'
  11. In the second cell of the fifth, sixth, and seventh rows, insert single-line text fields named 'first_name', 'last_name', and 'phone' using character widths of '30' and maximum characters of '100'
  12. Merge the cells in the last row and type 'Fax order by 9:00 a.m. to 555-963-5948'
  13. Since they are going to fax the form, there is no need for a submit button--but you do need to add a reset button
  14. Format the text in the form with styles of your choice
  15. Set the cell alignment of each cell to top
  16. Add a horizontal rule above the form
  17. Save your work
  18. Preview the page in a browser, test the form
  19. Close the browser
  20. Close the catering page
  21. Post the website to the Hulk server