Project Builder 1

In this exercise, you will continue your work on the TripSmart Website you created in Chapters 1 through 7.  The owner, Thomas Howard, wants you to create a form to collect information from viewers who are interested in receiving more information on one or more of the featured trips.

Sample Solution

  1. Open the TripSmart website
  2. Open the destinations page
  3. Insert a form named 'information' after the last paragraph on the page
  4. Specify the Method as POST
  5. Insert a table in the form that contains 11 rows, 2 columns, a Table width of 75%, a Border thickness of 0, Cell padding on 1, Cell spacing of 1, a top Header, and an appropriate table summary
  6. Merge the cells in the top row, type 'Please complete this form for additional information on these tours.'
  7. Apply the reverse_text rule, then change the cell background color to #666666
  8. Beginning in the second row, type the following labels in the cells in the first column:
    First Name, Last Name, Street, City, State, Zip Code, Phone, Email, and 'I am interested in:  '
    Then apply the paragraph_text rule to all of them
  9. Insert single-line text fields in the eight cells in the second column beginning with row 2 and assign the following names:
    first_name, last_name, street, city, state, zip, phone, and email
  10. Set the Char width to 30 and the Max chars to 100 for each of these text fields
  11. In the second cell of the tenth row, insert a check box with the label 'The Amazon', the name 'amazon', and a Checked value of 'yes'
  12. Repeat Step 11 to add another check box in the same cell, but under the Amazon check box with the label 'Kenya', the name 'kenya', and a Checked Value of 'yes'
  13. Apply the paragraph_text rule to the Amazon and Kenya labels
  14. Set the vertical alignment for each cell except the top cell to Top
  15. Insert a Submit button and a Reset button in the second cell of the eleventh row
  16. Center the table in the form
  17. Insert a horizontal rule that is 550 pixels wide and centered below the form
    [Hint:  Select the form, press [right arrow], press [Enter], then insert the horizontal rule]
  18. Save your work, preview the page in your browser, test the form, close your browser, close the destinations page
  19. Post your website to the Hulk server