Lesson 4

Test and Process a Form


In this lesson, you will check the spelling on the feedback page and create a link to the feedback page on the about_us page.  You will then open the about_us page in your browser, click the feedback link, and then test the form and reset it.

Sample Solution

Create visual clues for required fields

  1. Click Commands (on the Application bar), then click Check Spelling to check the spelling on the form
  2. Correct any spelling errors you find using the Check Spelling dialog box
  3. Click after the text First Name, then type * (an asterisk)—the asterisk will give viewers a clue that this is a required field
  4. Repeat Step 3 after the words “Last Name” and “Email”
  5. Merge the two cells in the last row, type ‘*Required field’ then apply the paragraph_text rule to it
  6. Save and close the feedback page

Summary:  You checked the spelling on the feedback page, then added asterisks to the required fields on the page.  Next, you typed text explaining what the asterisks mean and formatted the text with the paragraph_text rule.

Link a file

  1. Open the about_us page and click to place the insertion point under the two pictures at the bottom of the page, but  above the copyright statement
    [TIP:  The insertion point may appear partially hidden, but you can continue with the steps]
  2. Type ‘Please give us your feedback so that we may make you next stay the best vacation ever’
  3. Select the text you typed in Step 2, then format it with the paragraph_text rule
  4. Select the word “feedback,” then use the Point to File icon to link the feedback text to the feedback page
  5. Save your work, then preview the page in the browser
  6. Click the feedback link to test it—the feedback page opens in a new window
  7. Test the form by filling it out, then clicking the Reset button—the Reset button will clear the form, but the Submit button will not work because this form has not been set up to send information to a database—linking to a database is beyond the scope of this course
  8. Close the browser and close all open pages

Summary:  You created a link on the about_us page to link to the feedback form, and tested it in your browser