Lesson 2

Edit and Format a Form



In this lesson, you will insert a table to create a basic structure for the form on the feedback page. You will also add and format form labels.

Sample Solution

Add a Table to a Form

  1. Click to place the insertion point inside the form outline
  2. Select the Common category (on the Insert panel), then click the Table button
  3. In the Table dialog box, set the:
    Row to 10
    Columns to 2
    Table width to 90 percent
    Border thickness to 0
    Cell padding to 2
    Cell spacing to 1
    then click the Top header option in the Header section
  4. Type ‘Table used for form layout.’ in the Summary text box, then click OK
  5. With the table selected, click the Align list arrow (in the Property Inspector), click Center to center the table in the form, set the bottom-left cell width to 30%, set the bottom-right cell width to 70%, then save your work
    [Note:  You can set the cell widths by using any of the cells, but if you try to consistently use a specific row to
    set the cell widths, you can easily find them if you have to change them—it is difficult to correct formatting errors when you have conflicting cell widths set in the same column—you added a table to the form on the feedback page—you also set the table alignment and cell widths]

Summary:  You added a table to the form on the feedback page.  You also set the table alignment and cell widths.

Add Form Labels to Table Cells

  1. Merge the top two cells in the first row of the table, then type 'To request further information, please complete this form.' then apply the paragraph_text style to the sentence
    [Note:  Because you designated a header for this table, the top row text is automatically centered and bolded--the header will be used by screen readers to assist viewers who have visual impairments to identify the table]
  2. Click in the first cell in the fifth row, then type 'I am interested in information about:'
  3. Press the down arrow, then type 'I would like to receive your newsletters.'
  4. Press the down arrow, then type 'I learned about you from:'
  5. Press the down arrow
  6. Format each of the labels you entered with the paragraph_text style, deselect the text

Summary:  You added a header and three form labels to table cells in the form and formatted them with the paragraph_text style


Add Form Labels Using the Label Button

  1. Click in the cell below the one that contains the text “I learned about you from:”
  2. Change to the Forms category (on the Insert panel), then click the Label button—the view changes to Code and Design view—the insertion point is positioned in the Code view pane between the tags, , which were added when you clicked the Label button
    [TIP:  You may need to scroll down in the Design pane to see the cell]
  3. Type ‘Comments:’, then click the Refresh button (in the Property inspector)—the label appears in the table cell in the Design view pane
  4. Format the new label as paragraph_text
  5. Click the Show Design view button, then  save your work

Summary:   You added a new label to the form on the feedback page using the Label button, then formatted it with the paragraph_text style.