Lesson 1

Plan and Create a Form


In this lesson, you will add a new form to the feedback page in The Striped Umbrella website.

Sample Solution

Insert a Form

  1. Open the feedback.html page in The Striped Umbrella website
  2. Click inside the twoColFixLtHdr #main Content container to place the insertion point
    [TIP:   The twoColFixLtHr #main Content container top border is the second dotted line under the navigation bar—click right under it to place the insertion point in the correct location]
  3.  Select the Forms category (on the Insert panel), then click the Form button to insert a new form on the page—a dashed red rectangular outline appears on the page—as you add form objects to the form, the form will expand
    [TIP:   You will be able to see the form only if Invisible Elements are turned on—to turn on Invisible Elements, click
    View (on the Application bar), point to Visual Aids, then click Invisible Elements]

Summary:  You inserted a new form on the feedback page of The Striped Umbrella website.

Set Form Properties

  1. Click the Form tag () in the tag selector on the status bar to select the form and display the form properties (in the Property Inspector)
  2. Select form1 in the Form ID box (in the Property Inspector), then type ‘feedback’
  3. Click the Method list arrow (in the Property Inspector), then click Post
    [TIP:  Leave the Action and Target text boxes blank unless you have the information necessary to process the form]
  4. Save your work

Summary:  You configured the form on the feedback page.