Design Project

Websites use many form objects to collect donations from viewers.  The form for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is well organized and requests information that most people are comfortable giving over the Internet, such as name, address, and phone number.  There are several helpful explanations that guide the viewer in filling out the form correctly to report an environmental violation.

  1. Connect to the Internet, then navigate to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website at
  2. Answer the following questions in MS Word, save as DW.C8.DP.US EPA (your username), put in the class drop box
    1. Does this site use forms to collect information?  If so, identify each of the form objects used to create the form
    2. Is the form organized logically?  Explain why or why not.
    3. What CGI script is being used to process the form?  And where is that script located?
      Remember the name of the processing CGI script is included in the Action attribute of your form tag.
      [HINT:  To view the code of a page in a browser, click View (on the menu bar of your browser), then click Source or Page Source]
    4. What types of hidden information are being sent to the CGI script?
    5. Is the form secure?
    6. Could the information in this form be collected with different types of form objects?
      If so, which form objects would you use?
    7. Does the form use tables for page layout?
    8. Does the form use labels for its fields?
      If so, were the labels created using the <label> element or with text labels in table cells?