Portfolio Project

In this project, you will continue to work on the website that you created in Chapters 1 through 6.  You will continue refining your site by using CSS style sheets and embedded styles to format the text in your site consistently.  If you don't have your website anymore (although it should still be posted on your Hulk server webspace) - you will have to start a new site.

  1. Write a plan in MS Word in which you define styles for all of the text elements in your site--your plan should include how you will use an external style sheet as well as embedded styles--you can use either the external style sheet you created in Chapter 3 or create a new one--your plan should include at least one custom style, one style that redefines an HTML tag, and one style that uses a selector
  2. Attach the completed style sheet to all individual pages in the site
  3. Create and apply the embedded styles you identified in your plan
  4. Create and apply the styles that will be added to the external style sheet
  5. Review the pages and make sure that all text elements appear as they should and look appropriate--use the Website Checklist below to make sure you have completed everything according to the assignment
  6. Make any necessary changes
  7. Save your work
  8. Close all open pages
  9. Post your work to the Hulk server


Website Checklist

  1. Do all text elements in the site have a style applied to them?
  2. Does your site have at least one embedded style?
  3. Is the external style sheet attached to each page in the site?
  4. Did you define and apply at least one custom style and one style that redefines an HTML tag?
  5. Are you happy with the overall appearance of each page?