Project Builder 2

Sample Solution

 In this project builder, you will continue your work on the Carolyne's Creations website that yuo started in Project Builder 2 in Chapter 1.  You will continue to work on the page formatting to include as much formatting as you can use with the use of CSS styles.

  1. Replace your Carolyne's Creations website root folder (on your P: drive) with the new folder from the Chapter 7 Data Files folder on the server
  2. Open the shop page
  3. Create a new class style in the cc_styles.css file called 'prices'
  4. Refer to the Sample Solution for ideas, then select the settings of your choice for the prices style that you will then use to format the prices of the two specials on the page
  5. Type the prices on your page and apply the prices style
  6. Create a new class style for this page only, named 'special_name,' selecting formatting settings of your choice
  7. Apply the special_name style to the Multifunctional Pot and Cutlery Set text
  8. Convert the special_name style to an external style in the cc_styles.css file
  9. Save your work, then preview the shop page in your browser
  10. Close your browser
  11. Close all open files
  12. Post the website to the Hulk server