Project Builder 1

Sample Solution

 In this lesson you will continue your work on the TripSmart website.  You have decided to add a few more styles to the style sheet to improve some of the page formatting.

  1. Replace your tripsmart folder with the tripsmart folder from the Chapter 7 Data Files folder
  2. Open the newsletter page, then close the Design Notes dialog box
  3. Create a new embedded class rule named .bullets using settings of your choice
  4. Apply the .bullets rule to the items listed at the beginning of each bullet (see sample solution)
  5. Edit the heading style to change the color to a different color
  6. Add a horizontal rule under the list of items
    [Hint:  Remember to enter two paragraph breaks to end the unordered list--if you have difficulty ending the unordered list, click the Unordered List button]
  7. Create a new rule in the tripsmart_styles.css file that redefines the hr tag as centered and with a color of your choice--notice how the horizontal rule on the page changes color
  8. Change the horizontal rule width to 500 px
  9. Convert the bullets style to an external style in the tripsmart_styles.css styles file
  10. Save all files
  11. Preview the newsletter page in your browser, compare your screen to the sample solution
  12. Close your browser, then close all open files
  13. Post your website to the Hulk server