Design Project

Many of today's leading websites use CSS style sheets to ensure consistent formatting and positioning of text and other elements.  For instance, the United States Department of Justice website uses them.

  1. Connect to the Internet, then go to the United States Department of Justice website at
  2. Spend some time exploring the many pages of this site
  3. When you finish exploring all of the different pages, return to the home page
  4. Click View on your browser's menu bar, then click Source to view the code for the page
  5. Look in the head content area for code relating to the CSS style sheet used--note whether any stules are defined for a:link or a:hover and write down the specified formatting for those styles in a Word document--write down any other code you see that relates to styles
  6. Close the Source window, then look at the home page--make a list of all of the different text elements that you see on the page that you think should have CSS styles applied
  7. Print the home page of this site
  8. Save the Word document with the source code that contains CSS styles to the class drop box