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Visual Design:  Foundations of Design and Print Production (Photography, Illustration & Basic Print Layout)

Web Design:  Foundations of Web Design

  • Project 5:  Interactive Games
    In this project, students, working in teams, begin using Flash Professional to create a simple interactive game with basic ActionScript 3.0. Students discover ways to use rich media and animation created with Flash for gaming. They develop skills evaluating effective uses of Flash on the web and in gaming, learn about game design, and design and build an interactive game.
  • Project 6:  Digital Narratives
    In this project, students use Flash Professional to create a digital narrative for an existing website about a school club or sports team. Students discover how to use techniques in Flash to create various film effects and then apply those techniques to building a narrative. Students learn how rich media and animation they can create with Flash improves digital communication.
  • Project 7:  Mobile Applications
    In this project, students use Flash Professional to create a school information application for mobile devices. Students will design and develop the home page, news, campus map, and basic navigation elements of the application.
  • Project 8:  Final Web Portfolio
    In this project, students update their web portfolios from Project 4 (Digital Design 1A). You build a website that features work you have completed and work to be completed. Students learn about potential careers in web design and development. 


  • Makeover Projects []
    • Soap Box
    • CD Case Sleeve
    • Art Festival Poster
    • Hot Dog Cart Poster
    • Humorous Christmas Card
    • Literary Book Club Calendar
    • Business Brochure
    • Vallifresh Business Card
    • Wedding Invitation