WC.Project Builder 2.A5

You have been asked to develop a website illustrating the signs of the zodiac.  The introductory screen should have a heading with a mask effect and 12 zodiac signs, each of which could become a button.  Clicking a sign button displays an information screen with a different graphic to represent the sign and information about the sign, as well as special effects such as sound, mask effect, and character animation (inverse kinematics).  Each information screen would be linked to the introductory screen.
[Note:  Using the inverse kinematics (Bone Tool) feature requires ActionScript 3.0, therefore, you will start with a movie that has the ActionScript for the buttons and stop actions already developed]

Sample Completed Project Builder 2.A5

  • Open fl5_11.fla from the Flash/Web Collection/Chapter 5 folder on the server, save it as zodiac5, then change the frame rate to 12 fps
  • Test the movie and then study the Timeline to understand how the movie works
  • Refer to the Sample Completed Project Builder 2.A5 file above as you complete the introductory screen with the following:
    • A new layer above the signs layer named heading with the heading, “Signs of the” that appears from frame 1 through frame 31
    • A new layer named masked that contains the word “Zodiac” and that appears from frame 1 through frame 31
    • A mask layer that passes through the heading Zodiac
      [Notes:  Use a fill color that can be seen on the black background; after creating the motion tween, drag the end of the tween span on the Timeline to frame 31 – be sure to set the Layer Properties for the mask and masked layers]
    • A new layer that displays the word “Zodiac” in frame 31 only
      [Note:  Remove frames 32-80 from the layer by using the Remove Frames option from the Timeline command of the Edit menu]
    • A new layer with a sound that plays from frame 1 through frame 31 as the mask is revealing the contents of the masked layer
  • Refer to the Completed Project Builder 2.A5 file above as you complete the Scorpio screen with the following:
    [Notes:  The Scorpio screen starts in frame 51; remove frames in other layers containing content that you do not want displayed after frame 31, such as the Zodiac heading]
    • A new layer with the three-line heading
    • An inverse kinematics animation that moves the tail
      [Note:  Be sure to connect the head to the tail]
  • Test the movie, then save it
  • Save the movie as zodiac5-mc
  • Select frame 51 on the Armature layer and convert the IK animation to a movie clip
  • Delete the Armature 1 layer, then select frame 51 on the Scorpio layer and drag the movie clip to the Stage
  • Create a motion tween to animate the movie clip so the scorpion moves across the screen
  • Test the movie, compare your screens to the Completed Project Builder 2 – Assignment 5  file
  • Close the Flash Player window
  • Save your work in your folder and the "Assignment" folder for your class period