WC.Project Builder 2.A4

You have been asked to demonstrate some of the animation features of Flash.  You have decided to create a movie clip that includes a frame-by-frame animation and then use the movie clip in a motion tween animation.  The Sample Completed Project Builder 2 – Assignment 4 file shows the stick figure that will walk across the screen and jump up at each line on the sidewalk.  The movement across the screen is a motion tween.  The jumping up is a movie clip.  To complete this project, do the following:

Sample Completed Project Builder 2.A4

  • Start a new Flash document and name it jumper4
  • Add a background color, sidewalk with lines, and the houses, adding layers as needed and naming them appropriately
    [Note:  You can open a previous movie that used the stick figures, such as frameAn, then with your movie open, click the list arrow under the Library panel tab.  This displays a list of all open documents.  Click the name of the file that has the stick figures to display its Library panel.  Then drag the symbols you need to the Stage of your movie.  This will place the objects in the jumper4 Library panel.  Create your own sidewalk and houses!]
  • Create a new movie clip
    [Note:  You can create a new movie clip by selecting New Symbol from the Insert menu, then you can drag objects from the Library panel to the movie clip edit window
  • Edit the clip to create a frame-by-frame animation of the stick figures walking in place
  • In the movie clip, place the stick figures one after the other, but have one of the stick figures in the sequence placed above the others to create a jumping effect – you will use each stick figure two times in the sequence
  • Exit the edit window and place the movie clip on the Stage, then create a motion tween that moves the movie clip from the left side to the right side of the Stage
  • Test the movie
    [Note:  Movie clips do not play from the Stage, you must use the Test Movie command]
  • Compare your movie to the Sample Completed Project Builder 2.A4 above
  • Close the Flash Player movie
  • Save your work in your folder and the "Assignment" folder for your class period