WC.Project Builder 2.A2

You have been asked to create several sample designs for the home page of a new organization called The Jazz Club. The club is being organized to bring together music enthusiasts for social events and charitable fundraising activities. The club members plan to sponsor weekly jam sessions and a show once a month. Because the club is just getting started, the organizers are looking to you for help in developing a website.

Sample Completed Project Builder 2.A2

  • Plan the site by specifying the goal, target audience, treatment ("look and feel"), and elements you want to include (text, graphics, sound, etc.)
  • Sketch out a storyboard that shows the layout of the objects on the various screens and how they are linked together--be creative in your design
  • Open a new Flash document and save it as thejazzclub2
  • Set the document properties, including the size and background color
  • Display the gridlines and rulers and use them to help align objects on the Stage
  • Create a heading with a background, text objects, and drawings to be used as links to the categories of information provided on the website
    [Note: Some of the characters are individual text blocks (e.g., the S in Sessions) allowing you to move the text block without moving the other characters]
    [Hint: Use the Oval, Line, and Brush tools to create the notes - after selecting the Brush tool, experiment with the different brush tool shapes found in the Options area at the bottom of the Tools panel]
  • Hide the gridline and rulers
  • Compare your movie to the Sample CompletedProject Builder2.A2above
  • Save your work in your folder and the "Assignment" folder for your class period